Courage & Healing Home

Courage and Healing Home cares for  survivors of trafficking, helping them find hope again and leading them onto transformative journeys

The story of Courage & Healing Home 

Courage & Healing Home (also known as Courage Homes) works with girls age 12-17 who have been rescued from sex trafficking and other forms of sexual abuse.We help them chart a new path of healing and empowerment for a better future.
Girls are assigned to the home by the Child Welfare Committee, Govt. of Delhi after rescue by the Police. Our home becomes a starting point for them to move into a new journey, irrespective of how long they stay with us.
Since January 2012 we have helped over 200 girls begin on the road from brokenness to healing. We strive to create a safe environment to fuel creativity and hope and to empower our girls helping them make good choices in life.

Our Approach

The girls who come to Courage & Healing Home are rescued from a wide variety of situations including incest, rape, sex trafficking, and bonded labor. Often, they are sent to us immediately after rescue.

Many girls stay with us for 2-6 months and then proceed to other long term care options. In some cases girls remain with us until they turn 18. We are grateful for this opportunity to walk alongside the girls for a longer period.

Whether our girls are with us for a short or long time, we aim to impart a love for learning, hope for a better future, and new ways of relating, so they will be less vulnerable to future exploitation.

We Provide...




Life Skills Training


Medical Care


Legal Support


Trauma Counseling

Creative Therapy

"You may trod me in the very dirt, but still, like dust, I'll rise."

Maya Angelou

*All names have been changed to maintain privacy


Take a look at some of the beautiful artwork made by girls from Courage & Healing Home during their creative therapy sessions.