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What Would You Like to Become?

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

At Rafa Home for Girls, we recently posed this question. Here's how girls answered:

Looking ahead, many choices branch out into multiple possible futures

"I want to become a....

Nurse so that I can help people. When other girls were recently sick, I wanted to assist the didi’s in taking care of them.”

Teacher so that when I go home I can teach my little brother and I can help my parents financially."

Government Officer because I want to help poor people by shaping public policy to benefit them.”

Computer Engineer because there is always something new and challenging in the way they work."

Air Hostess because I could serve people onboard as they travel around the world."

Social Worker so that I can help children and take care of them."

We know that our children are our future. The girls at Rafa Home, having survived difficult circumstances and painful traumas early in life, are growing in resilience and learning to empower others. We believe they hold potential to create a better future for everyone.

Invest with us in this coming generation of nation-builders who will one day lead out

with compassionate, generous, courageous ways of being in our world!

Donate here.

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