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Jesiah Center

A drop-in center for migrants from the North East

The story of Jesiah

The Jesiah Center aims to provide a place of safety and belonging for migrant communities from the North-East, who often face discrimination and prejudices in the city.
Through Jesiah we help them find jobs, teach them English, provide primary medical care, facilitate hospital visits, support them through detox from drug addiction and provide care for those with TB & HIV/AIDS. We also work in partnership with various North-East community leaders. 
Medicine distribution to street families

Our Approach

Jesiah visits the HIV/AIDS department in Safdarjung Hospital once a week to meet patients. After they return home, our nurse provides further health education through house visits.

We also work with pregnant women and young mothers. Many are single mothers and don't know how to care for their children. We teach them, give counsel, and maintain a network of women to support them.

Our doors are open to various North-East people groups: from young families to old widows.

Our goal is to invest in each life, plant new seeds of hope and restoration, and help them find strength in their own selves, take responsibility for their families, and make steady paths for the future.

We Provide...


Parenting & Marriage Workshops


Medical Care

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TB Patients Volunteer DOTS Provider*

* Government of India- mechanism for dispensing TB Medications from nearby DOTS Center

"I alone cannot change the world,

but .."

" .. I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples."

Mother Teresa

*All names have been changed to maintain privacy

Times Together

In addition to our support programs, we love to spend time with people and build community.