A community center for women to meet, build relationship, study, learn skills and get medical help

The story of Sahaitha

In a culture where women are bound by so many expectations, treated as mere workforce and taught to deny their feelings, letting their dreams be crushed, we at Sahaitha invite them to experience love, care and deep friendships with each other.
We have worked in the same locality for fifteen years and followed the community through different seasons. Many of the women coming to us are migrants and find it difficult to navigate life in the city. We seek to build them up through education and skills, making sure they are registered and have necessary papers, and helping those who are sick to get medical care.
We also engage with migrant children in need through non-formal education support.

Our Approach

Under our literacy programs, we help women with basic literacy and train them in English, and computers. We also have women pursuing higher classes or college degrees. We help our women with their online applications and admissions, sorting out necessary documentation, and teach them their basic rights.

We also offer informal education to children from migrant communities and tuition support to school-going girls.


Our​ skill-building classes include tailoring, cooking, and baking.

Our support groups are instrumental to help women find perspective and tools to overcome difficulties, especially in the areas of relationships, violence and family matters

We have also recently become a DOTS provider in our area, helping patients with TB, HIV/AIDS, and other chronic sicknesses.

We Provide...




Support Groups


Medical Support




Social Benefits Assistance

"Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty."


- Mother Teresa

*All names have been changed to maintain privacy