Rafa Homes

Two family-like living spaces for extremely vulnerable boys and girls

The Rafa Homes were started to help children with difficult backgrounds and special needs in the city, to give them back their childhood in a safe and loving environment.
We presently have eight girls and seven boys with us in two separate homes. Many children have passed out of Rafa through the years, with hope and opportunities.  

The Story of Rafa Homes

Our approach

In order to provide a loving and engaging environment, Rafa Homes have live-in carers and home parents. Several of our children are orphans.

Our children receive free medical check-ups and care from a government hospital. They also need trauma counseling and support to handle emotional outbursts and feelings of loneliness and rejection. Home parents and carers play an important role here, but for deeply wounded children, professional psychiatrists and counselors are involved. 

Most of our children are enrolled in an  English Medium  private school. The children need a great deal of academic support because of their condition and medications.  Rafa brings in additional help through resource people and volunteers.


We Provide...




Life Skills Training


Medical Care


Legal Support


Trauma Counseling

Creative Therapy

*All names have been changed to maintain privacy

Creative Time

Take a look at some of Rafa's wonderful creations from their art therapy and craft times.