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Amidst the constraints of Covid-19 lockdowns, one thing the children at Rafa Homes continue to enjoy is the food.

Times around the dining table are special. The boys especially like paneer (Indian cottage cheese), chicken curry, parantha (Indian bread), rice and dal.

The girls have had lots of fun learning to bake, helping the carers shape momos (Tibetan dumplings), digging into some jhal muri (puffed rice stir-fried with spices and lentils) at snack time, and celebrating with gujiyas (nut pies) on Holi!

This spring, the boys got to try their hands at barbecuing chicken and paneer. They also learned to bake cakes.

Some girls say that having a healthy diet improves their ability to think more positively and gives them joy. The boys like eating fruit and are growing to appreciate green vegetables.

Recently when some of the children were sick, they particularly enjoyed chicken soup. They said it helped them to eat even when they didn’t feel like it.

We at Rafa strive to maintain our home environment as a family-style space of delight and joy, especially around the dining table...similar to our own homes from days of childhood.

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